About Us

The mission of Mother Nature Network is “Improve Your World.”

Many sites limit “your world” to only "your planet,” but MNN defines it in much broader terms. Your world encompasses many different aspects — your family, your health, your lifestyle, your business, your community and your planet — and so does MNN.

With a goal of providing the most accurate and up-to-date information available, we cover the broadest scope of environmental news and social responsibility issues on the Internet. And, we do so in a way that is engaging and easy-to-understand. As opposed to scientists, activists or experts, MNN is designed for the rest of us — everyday people who simply want to make our world better.


MNN content is divided among eight different channels — each offering in-depth news and information updated throughout the day: Earth Matters, Health, Lifestyle, Green Tech, Eco-Biz & Money, Food & Drink, Your Home, and Family.

Special features include:

  • FEATURED BLOGGERS: Get inspired by thoughtful approaches to fresh food, a healthier lifestyle, creative design solutions, sustainable living, managing your finances, and much more by following some of the most respected personalities in their field.
  • ECO-GLOSSARY: Definitions for hundreds of terms — from the simple to the most complex.
  • TRANSLATING UNCLE SAM: Information on government sites can be confusing to say the least. This feature translates that information into much simpler language, using interactives and engaging graphics.
  • STATE REPORTS: State-by-state news and information. Find out what’s happening in your own backyard.
  • NEWSLETTERS: Get daily tips and solutions sent straight to your in-box with free newsletters that offer coverage on green innovation, seasonal recipes, clean air, and the best ways to lead a sustainable lifestyle.


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Every day offers opportunities to improve your world and, every day, MNN is here to help. Thanks for visiting.


Mother Nature Network is the world's most visited environmental and social responsibility online network. Its sites — which include mnn.com and treehugger.com — generate more than 7 million visits a month. Engaging, non-political, and easy-to-understand, MNN is designed for a mainstream audience. MNN content goes well beyond traditional "green" issues — encompassing a broad range of news and sustainable living topics — including family, health, home, safety, technology, community involvement and personal finance. Launched in 2009 by Joel Babbit, MNN’s CEO, and Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for The Rolling Stones, equity partners include CNN and Discovery Communications.