I am going to do a chemical/toxin audit of my home

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I'm doing a chemical audit of my house

The dirty dozen: 12 products you should avoid

So you've decided to take the plunge — to embrace lighter living, green your life and do something to help the environment. But where to begin?
The best place to start is by moderating your consumption. You can dramatically reduce the size of your footstep on the planet by making smarter choices in the things you buy and the amount your household uses. It's not something you have to do all at once: just commit to steady, incremental change. Small steps become big journeys over time.
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Springing into action: 10 eco-friendly cleaning tools

Okay, so I might be jumping the gun a bit with this spring cleaning-related post, considering that spring is more than two weeks away and National Cleaning Week (yes, it does exist) doesn't kick off until March 21. But it always helps to be prepared, right? Right. Below are 10 pieces of eco-friendly cleaning products ranging from recyclable trash bags to bamboo gong brushes that will come in handy when you do decide to partake in any spring cleaning activities later this month. Or in April. Or May. 
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The green home audit

I adore my parents -- Dad’s a superior court judge and Mom's a kindergarten teacher -- and all of their qualities and quirks. However, keeping a green household has never been one of their strong suites. Or so I thought. I took advantage of a snowbound holiday visit to my childhood home to see where my parents are and aren't picking up the slack when it comes to green housekeeping. I was pleasantly surprised by some finds like their vigilant recycling of plastic bags and found room for improvement in other areas such as household cleaners.

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