I will eat more meals at home

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I'm eating more meals at home
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My 2010 resolution: Cook more, trash less with 360

I rang in 2010 in a Theraflu haze with a box of Kleenex, sick as a dog.
The one thing that made me feel a bit better? A steaming, salutary bowl of chicken udon soup brought to my apartment in Brooklyn via a culinary courier (aka delivery man) within 30 minutes. All I had to do was shuffle to my door, hand over the cash, and then dig in. The one thing that made me feel a bit worse? Shoving the assorted takeout bags and containers accompanying my medicinal meal in the trash.

What I learned from joining a CSA

It’s an understatement to say I’m the last person anyone would expect to jump on the community supported agriculture trend. Asparagus and baby spinach are pretty much the only green vegetables I like. I’m a Southerner who hates watermelon, a Georgian who scorns peaches. I do love fresh berries—with brown sugar dumped on top.
When it comes to my eating habits, I’m very, very bad.
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