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10 animals presumed extinct in the last decade

By: Laura Moss on Jan. 26, 2016, 4:07 p.m.
West African black rhino in Kenya

Photo: Jerzy Strzelecki/Wikimedia Commons

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West African black rhino

The rarest of the black rhino subspecies, the West African black rhinoceros, is now recognized by the ICUN as extinct. The species, Diceros bicornis longpipes, was once widespread in central Africa, but the population began a steep decline due to poaching. The rhino was listed as "critically endangered" in 2008, but a survey of the animal's last remaining habitat in northern Cameroon failed to find any sign of the rhinos, either a true sighting or even evidence of its presence, like feces or feeding signs. No West African black rhinos are known to be held in captivity.

The West African black rhino is a subspecies of the black rhino, but all rhinos are in trouble. The video below, created by WWF's Black Rhino Expansion Project, shows the lengths we need to go to prevent other other the loss of other species:

Black rhinos moved to new home by helicopter from WWF on Vimeo.