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Photo courtesy of Ecorazzi, the site where I spent most of the year as Publisher and Assignment Editor, just published the last piece I worked on developing- 9 Easy Way to Green Up Your Life. It's a tongue in cheek article that lays out nine things anyone with an eight figure bank account can do to green up their life.


9- Get a Tesla Roadster.


8- Use Richard Branson's new bio jet fuel in your private plane.


7- Try to cut down on your travel, fly to Europe instead of the Far East for New Years.


6- Have your private chef use locally grown vegetables and meat, and possibly even consider buying an existing organic farm.


5- When going on vacation, consider renting Johnny Depp’s eco-resort island.


4- When car companies send you SUV’s using FedEx Overnight, buy carbon credits to offset the flight.


3- Reuse your dental floss.


2- Put solar panels up on top of all your houses, guest homes, horse barns, recording studios, basketball courts, and merry go-rounds.


1- Have your nanny use public transportation to cut down on her carbon footprint.


Swing over to and read the whole thing, it'll get you laughing.



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