Frozen horse fountain

Photo: Fabien Buqing XU/Flickr

Thanks to extreme winter weather, ordinary water fountains are transformed into surreal, breathtaking ice sculptures, like the one above in Paris, France.

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Zamrozona ice fountain

Photo: Zorro2212

Łódź, Poland

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Frozen fountains in a river

Photo: Strange Emotions/Flickr

Icy river fountain

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Frozen fountain in midi-pyrenees

Photo: sekundo/Flickr

Saint-Lary, France

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Swarovski frozen fountain

Photo: Pilar/Flickr

Innsbrück, Austria

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Frozen Untermeyer fountain

Photo: Ralph Hockens/Flickr

Harlem, New York

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Frozen Letchworth fountain

Photo: Ryan Thompson/Flickr

Letchworth State Park, New York

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Frozen fountain in Bryant Park

Photo: Anthony Quintano/Flickr

Bryant Park, New York

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Frozen Trentemoult fountain

Photo: Stéfan/Flickr

Rezé, France

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Fayetteville ice fountain

Photo: Selena N. B. H./Flickr

Fayetteville, N.C.

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Ice fountain in the Dolomites of Italy

Photo: Bill Liao/Flickr

The Dolomites, Italy

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Icy fountain in the Netherlands

Photo: Lukas Koster/Flickr

The Netherlands

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Puppy licking an ice fountain

Photo: Sharon/Flickr

Hyattsville, Md.

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Dane John ice fountain

Photo: Bookmouse/Flickr

Dane John Gardens, Canterbury, U.K.

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