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10 places with gorgeous weather, all the time

By: Josh Lew on Sept. 11, 2013, 2:51 p.m.
Courtyard of Yuantong temple in Kunming

Photo: Wei Ming/Shutterstock

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Kunming, China

China is a diverse and exciting travel destination, but its weather is less than ideal for much of the year. Tourists have sweated through summers in Beijing and had to pack parkas for a wintertime vacation in many Middle Kingdom cities. Kunming is an exception. This metropolis in Yunnan Province benefits from its high altitude (just over 6,000 feet) and the surrounding geography. Most "heat waves" top out in the mid-80s, but averages sit in the 70s during the summertime. Because of the altitude, the mercury can drop below freezing on winter nights, but even in December and January, the daytime highs reach back up to near 60 degrees. Due to its pleasant weather, Kunming has been given the same nickname as some of the other destinations on this list: "City of Eternal Spring."