Dunkin’ Brands created The Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation (DDBRCF) in 2006 with the mission of serving neighborhoods with a focus on three key areas: Hunger Relief, Children’s Health, and Safety.

Hunger relief is a very real problem across the country, especially as it relates to our youth. Dunkin’ Brands recently held its second annual National Week of Service, where nearly 2,500 franchisees and employees came together at 78 Feeding America food bank locations.

One of the beneficiaries was Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, where President and CEO Cindy Hubert said the efforts made by The DDBRCF were felt throughout the community.

“The grant that Gleaners received from The DDBRCF has allowed us to provide five school-based pantries for our community,” says Hubert. “It’s allowed us to provide 55,000 meals, so it’s very impactful for us.”

The work Dunkin’ Brands undertakes to improve hunger relief across the country is something its employees and franchisees find comforting. Some even have a personal connection to the struggle so many face on a daily basis.

“Being a young mom of two, I have struggled in the past with having to support my kids and making sure that they have enough food to eat," says Jan, a Baskin-Robbins shift manager. “So, it is really nice to be able to do this and it really brings it home for me.”

Dunkin’ Brands is committed to helping eradicate our nation’s food security issues. For more information, or to learn how you can help make a difference, please visit The DDBRCF website.