Did you know that longleaf pine forests are as biologically diverse as some tropical rainforests? Nearly 900 species found nowhere else in the world call the longleaf pine ecosystem home, including some that are threatened and endangered.

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The majestic longleaf pine ecosystem once covered more than 90 million acres across nine states in the Southeast. However, due to overharvesting, agricultural expansion, fire suppression and development, the original acreage decreased by 97 percent at one point in time. Restoration activities by organizations such as Southern Company and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation have assisted in stopping the decline, but help is still needed to preserve the longleaf pine forests and the species that rely on it.

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Southern Company has created a new interactive experience to take you inside the longleaf pine forest. Come take a tour and learn about this impressive ecosystem and some of the unique animal and plant life that depend upon the longleaf habitat.