Water is the backbone of most of the power generation in the United States, from steam-driven turbines to hydroelectric power to water’s cooling benefits in nuclear power.

That’s why finding new ways to protect our water resources and use them efficiently is so important. Georgia Power’s Plant Bowen is the site of a new, state-of-the-art water research center dedicated to improving water quality and increasing water efficiency during the process of power generation.

The water research center is an exciting partnership between Georgia Power, the Electric Power Research Institute and Southern Research Institute. It’s an innovative collaboration between public and private entities focusing on developing revolutionary technologies with real-world applications that will be used to improve efficiency across the entire energy industry.

The center is testing multiple water solutions to our water challenges now as well as in the future. Projects are continually initiated to test technologies in 7 focus areas: moisture recovery; advanced cooling; wastewater treatment, reclamation and re-use; zero liquid discharge; solids management; carbon technologies; and overall water management at a power plant.

The test environment offers the opportunity to innovate – think outside the box and run and play in dealing with a quantity in ever-decreasing supply and ever-increasing withdrawal.

Based on the new processes that can be researched, and discoveries that can be made at the water research center, employees believe solutions can be unlimited.