At Southern Company, we take great pride in providing energy service at a high level of reliability, low price and high rate of customer satisfaction. Operating in a vertically integrated business model, we own, operate and maintain every energy asset from the generating plant to the substation to the customer meter. Our service grid spans over 27,000 miles of transmission lines. End-to-end, these lines would circle the globe. Find out more about the mechanics of our grid and how it pays off for customers and the environment.


At Southern Company, we take great pride in producing high reliability, low prices and high customer satisfaction. Southern Company operates in a vertically-integrated business model, meaning Southern owns, operates and maintains every asset from the generating plant to the meter of the costumer.

In Southern Company transmission we perform the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the transmission system. Southern Company transmission system facilitates the flow of power from the generating plant to our customers at voltages ranging from 46.000 Volts up to 500.000 Volts. These high voltage levels provide the ability to transmit large amount of power for long distances, which in turn allow us to connect generators to many distant customers served by substations through the transmission system.

Southern owns, operates and maintain over 27.000 miles of transmission lines, which if connected in the end, would circle the globe. There located in both urban and rural areas and is already discuss connect our generating plants to substations which then serve our customers.

A substation is a facility that connects transmission lines together and may contain one or more transformers, breakers, relays and other transmission equipment such as capacitors.

Transformers are designed to ether step up or step down voltages. They step up the voltage generating plants for transmitting power across our transmission systems. And they step down the voltage at substations for our industrial customers and they transmit voltage on the distribution system.

Circuit breakers and their associated relays are designed to protect the transmission systems and increase reliability. They will operate when a problem or fault is detected and will isolate the cause of the problem thus minimizing the impact on our customers.

Capacitors are used to stabilize the system voltage, and they ensure the power transmitted to our customers and the distribution system is at a consistent reliable voltage. When interconnected to each other, transmission lines become high voltage networks that we typically refer to as power grids.

North America has 3 major grids, the western interconnection, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, commonly called ERCOT, and the eastern interconnection, which Southern is a part of. Collectively, we call this The Grid, and there inner connections, supports extended customer reliability.

Locally, Southern Company transmission system is an interconnected network that allows power generation be reliably and economically dispatched throw high voltage lines to meet our customers loads, without regard to state operating company or even southern company territory boundaries.