I've had a lot of great stuff come across my desk(top) today, I'm having a hard time picking one to focus on, so I decided to throw them all up on the wall for your clicking enjoyment.

Here are some great stories bouncing around the interwebs today.

• green LA girl (MNN's own Siel)- Environmentaland opens at Hollywood & Highland

• Grist- Boxer, Kerry will introduce Senate climate bill next week

• Wired- Plastic Bottle Boat to Set Sail Across the Pacific

• Portland Examiner-Large-scale development OKed for Maine woods

• NBC New York-Cops Arrest "Yes Man" Co-Founder in Latest Prank (We just wrote about the Yes Men here on MNN)

• Dagoosh! -Furthest Point from McDonald's

• Treehugger-Amazing! Bike Faster than Helicopters, Running Faster than Car in Sao Paulo

• PolitiFact.com-Glenn Beck claims science czar John Holdren proposed forced abortions and putting sterilants in the drinking water to control population

• MNN- G20 leaders to eat local and organic

Have a great Thursday, see you back here manana.

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