Our best bets for the week: 

Ridin' the rails: Americans ditch their cars for transit and trains.

• "You are Here" ... and it ain't pretty: MNN talks to author Thomas Kostigen about traversing the globe to see the world's eco-disasters.

• Video break: Chuck Leavell talks with the New York artists behind ecoartspace about addressing environmental issues with art.

• What's the opposite of an earmark? Peter Dykstra discusses the stuff politicians don't want in their districts. Think Yucca Mountain.

• Investing green: Understanding Standard & Poor's new low carbon index.

• The Captain calls: Catch the latest Captain Planet episode.

• Meet the Fabio of sales — and the $29 million green mansion he's selling in Florida.

• GM, and we don't mean cars: Genetically modified crops are on the rise, and the consequences are worth thinking about.

• Stamp of approval: The iconic Good Housekeeping seal goes green

• Real-life hero: Dennis Quaid is ready for the Apocalypse — and more from Ecollywood

 Image credit: kchbrown/Flickr