Our picks for the week of June 7-13: 

Are think tanks really thinking? Ken Edelstein tackles the David and Goliath story of the climate change bill.

Green Parenting: Keri Greenwald says it's a parents job to keep a child in touch with nature. Watch the video.

Meet the author: Lisa Hamilton, author of Deeply Rooted, talks to MNN about big agribusiness and small farmers.

America's eco-mayors: Meet the country's seven greenest mayors.

Important garbage: Everything you didn't know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

10 organic fast-food restaurants: Who says fast food isn't healthy? View our gallery.

Blushing bride: Danielle continues her quest for a true green wedding. This week, she's on the hunt for eco-friendly makeup.

Only green boys, please: That's the rule for Spencer Grammer, daughter of Kelsey and TV actress.

Clean green: The Lazy Environmentalist gives these products a lazy thumbs-up.

Test drive! MNN's Jim Motavalli gets behind the wheel of the Chevy Volt, a plug-in with zoom-zoom.