Our picks for the week of July 12-18: 

Bernie's green jail: America's most famous scammer will serve his sentence in a LEED-certified federal prison.

Media Mayhem: Why James Hansen and others feel environmentalist must resort to civil disobedience to fight coal plants.

America's greenest game: Baseball teams play up their focus in the environment with stadiums new and old. 

Green light district? A German brothel is offering an eco-discount to those who don't arrive in a car.

Consider your pets: Answer guru Vanessa helps you lessen your pet's carbon pawprint.

Translating Uncle Sam: Are droughts getting worse?

Ecollywood: Catch up with soap star Laura Wright and her life on the farm.

7 model citizens: These supermodels are doing their part to change the world.

Mob mentality: Learn more about a Bay Area company that is harnessing the power of the people for good. 
The perfect slipper: Danielle continues her green wedding video series with a focus on finding vegan wedding shoes.