MNN's picks for the week of April 5-11: 

Green vs. red: One mom's mission to raise an eco-friendly family despite the recession.

We can fix it! Listen up as Van Jones tells David Gottfried how fixing the economy and fixing the planet can go hand in hand.

Green Empire: New York's Empire State Building to get a $500 million energy efficient makeover.

MNN book review: 'Animal Investigators' is like CSI for animals. 

Video break: Catch the lastest episode of Captain Planet. (This week, it's "Ghost of Porkaloin Past" -- don't miss it.)

Water wars: Managing this resource has traditionally brought out humanity's wackiest ideas. 

Ecollywood: Denis Leary thumbs his nose at Mother Nature.

Cheap and fun: MNN's Jim Motavalli offers five great used cars for these troubled economic times.

Translating Uncle Sam: Which U.S. volcanoes are most likely to erupt? 

Last chance! See the final segment of Chuck Leavell's interview with John Bell and take the quiz for a chance at tickets to the 10,000 Lakes Festival.