Who's who in the administration:

> MNN flash interactive: Meet Obama’s green cabinet.

> Obama's USDA nominee backs biofuels, healthier food: Vilsack paving a more sustainable path.

> Obama's EPA pick must restore integrity: Senators have high hopes for Lisa Jackson.

> How dream is Obama’s green team?: Some environmentalists are less than elated.

> Obama team primed to push climate change agenda: Can they change course from the Bush administration?

> Obama picks climate specialist as science adviser: Meet John Holdren.

> Energy Department's new direction: Understanding Steven Chu's motivation and history.

> The kids in the hall: Will Obama succeed in wresting power from Washington lobbyists?

> Oil and gas leases: Interior Secretary Ron Salazar pushes back on lease of federal lands for drilling.

> Who's really green? Some members of Obama's Dream Team have questionable environmental records.

> Green jobs: Climate czar Carol Browner say stimulus bill will be a boost for green jobs. 

> Garden guru: Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack breaks ground on The People's Garden in Washington, D.C.


> Obama’s environmental to-do list: Nicole Hughes delivers seven items for the next president.

> Environmental politics: Is it still a white, affluent issue?

> An eco and opposite reaction: Peter Dykstra on Obama's next spotted owl.

> The Middle East: Is Obama really saying no to their oil?

> Report to Obama: Invest in national parks.

> Obama’s green energy plans build hopes, skepticism: Could his energy agenda hit turbulence in Congress?

> A rush to create green jobs: The fight is on for a hearty slice of the Obama stimulus pie.

> Obama says stimulus to include energy savings: Hoping to save energy, president promises to upgrade all federal buildings.

> Can Obama make transportation green?: Economic realities create early test of Obama's ability to bring change.

> Obama urged to create new green deal: Can Obama follow in FDR's footsteps?

Truth in advertising: Obama's election spurs a wave of green advertising, but how much is real? 

Food fight: Food Democracy Now! is pushing the Obama administration to support green agricultural initiatives and family farms.

> A greener, cleaner future: Cleantech & Green Business for Obama brings together activists, building professionals and entrepreneurs. 

New appliance standards? Obama has tasked DOE with setting new energy efficiency standards for  30 categories of appliances.

Renew, renew, renew: Obama says renewable energy sources are key to economic future.

The solar fan guy: Obama meets the new poster child for hard-working Americans — and he's green. 


Work with me: Obama defends economic plans to business leaders.

Keep it green: EPA re-evaluates "green club" for companies.

Climate change:

> An opportunity: Secretary of State Clinton tells workers in Brussels to never waste a crisis. 

> Polluters pay: Obama's budget is based on money flowing in from a cap-and-trade system.

Energy boost: Obama calls for carbon cap legislation. 

Coal-fired plants: EPA will review Bush-era emissions rule for new power plants.

WH takes climate change seriously: The Obama administration will appoint special envoy. 

Emission impossible? Peter Dykstra says Obama is stealing from the Reagan/Bush playbook and hoping for the opposite result. 

California's lonely no longer: Jim Motavalli weighs in.

State standards: Shea Gunther on Obama's decision to allow states to set stricter car standards.

Environmental change: Karl Burkart on Obama's expected reversal of Bush climate change policies.

Endangered species: 

> Save yourself?: Obama rolls back Bush administration rules on endangered species.


> Changing times: Treasury Secretary Geithner attacks tax breaks for oil and gas companies.

> Backlash? Obama is bracing for a Big Oil backlash on tax credits. 

Stem cell research: 

> Volatile debate: Obama's pledge to scrap a ban on federal funding for stem cell research revives conversation.

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