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Tornadoes are one of the planet's most photogenic natural disasters, and with zealous storm chasers hunting them each spring and summer, they're well-documented on YouTube. But as this year's U.S. twister season hits its peak, we decided to sift through all that funnel footage and round up the 10 videos that best convey these storms' — and storm chasers' — intensity.

10) Veteran storm chaser Jim Reed tailed this tornado across Kansas in May 2008 along with very patient intern Robin Lorenson. The funnel is impressive, but the most memorable part comes at the 3:58-minute mark, when Reed inexplicably jogs off into the tornado to end the clip.


9) If tornadoes could make promotional videos about themselves, they'd look like this. With a sunset peeking through the clouds and shimmering background music, this scene is more idyllic than intimidating. Storm chaser Roger Hill does offer a compelling case study for the delicate beauty of tornadoes, but if the next eight videos are any indication, this is the exception rather than the rule.

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