4) This isn't the strongest or biggest tornado of our top 10, but it does run over the camera, which helps. Roger Hill carefully places us directly in the path of an approaching twister, adjusts the camera so we can see it coming, then bolts. There's a happy ending, as the clip's title gives away, when we see a presumably frightened cow safely amble out of the tornado's path.

3) This clip of a quarter-mile-wide EF4 tornado in Manchester, S.D., has been called "the most amazing tornado footage of all time," albeit by the guy who shot it. But it's Timmer again, and since his online bio says he's already seen 230 tornadoes in his decade of storm chasing, he'd probably know as well as anyone. Timmer lists this EF4 among his most "notable tornado intercepts." It was apparently also notable for someone in the background named Alex.

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