Sitting down to write the annual holiday Christmas card? Put that pen down and pick up your GoPro. Let these five families inspire you to start a new tradition: family holiday video cards. Love it!


1. The Slade family

This family sets the gold standard when it comes to filming a holiday card. I mean really, underwater singing and choreography? How awesome is that??



2. The Exum family

The Exum family brings a little magic to this holiday video by setting up a Christmas tree on the beach and keeping the camera rolling as the sun sets.  



3. The Goodwin family

This fun family knows how to have a good time! Full marks for creativity and extra points for the scene with the dog!



4. The Umbaugh family

It takes a brave family to write their own holiday rap — and an even braver one to record a video about it for all of their family and friends. Well done!



5. The Rowley family

You can tell this family had a good time even through all of the ups and downs of life with a toddler.  



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