How well do you know your neighbors? Statistics show that the better folks know their neighbors, the less likely they are to turn away when they see suspicious activity in the neighborhood, and the more likely they are to speak out when a neighbor needs community support.

Because of this, law officers and civic groups have joined together to create the National Night Out, a nationwide anti-crime, anti-drug event to heighten awareness, strengthen support for anti-crime programs, improve neighborhood spirit and partnerships with law officers and deter criminals. Basically, it's a community party that helps introduce neighbor to neighbor and community members to the police who aim to serve and protect them. This year is the 28th annual National Night Out, and local activities include everything from cookouts to parades to youth contests and programs.  

Last year, more than 37 million Americans and Canadians participated in the block parties, according to the National Night Out website. Will you participate this year and get involved in strengthening your own community? Check out a clickable map of local events on the National Night Out website.