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Which is better: A dog or a cat? We would never be so bold as to suggest an answer, but we have the scoop on which pet reigns supreme in various parts of the world. Think you know who wins the popularity contest? Find out.

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In general, do people in developed countries lean more strongly towards cats or dogs?

No one is quite sure why, but developed nations tend to have more balanced cat and dog populations. "Looking across all countries, there's a correlation between developed economies and balanced pet preferences," says Jared Koerten, a pet industry analyst.

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In the U.S., do more households have dogs or cats?

More U.S. households have dogs than cats (36.5 percent to 30.4 percent), but there are more cats than dogs in total (meaning that cat households typically have multiple cats).

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Which pet would you be more likely to find in India?

Cats definitely get short shrift in India, where there are 10 pet dogs to every cat!

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Which country has more cats than dogs?

Cats in Austria outnumber dogs by three to one, and they outnumber dogs in Switzerland and Turkey as well.

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In which of these U.S. regions do cats outnumber dogs?

Along with kitty lovers in the Upper Midwest, households in the Northeast from Ohio to Maine also have more cats.

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In which of these U.S. regions do dogs outnumber cats?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi are home to the most pet dogs in the country.

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While cats are more popular in western Europe, which of these countries favors dogs?

Along with Spain and Ireland, the fine folks of Portugal have a preference for pets that woof.

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Which country has a special affinity for small dogs?

Brazil, as is turns out, has a distinct fondness for small dogs and is home to more small dogs per capita than any other country. 

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Which U.S. state has the highest ratio of dogs to cats?

Arkansas has 1,097,000 dogs to 810,000 cats, making it 1.35 dogs per every cat.

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Which U.S. state has the highest ratio of cats to dogs?

Massachusetts has 1,593,000 cats to 850,000 dogs, making it 1.87 cats per every dog. (All data: The Washington Post)

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