The holiday season has begun and winter is nearly upon us.

In many areas, people have already donned coats, scarves and hats to stay warm, but we're not the only ones concerned with winter fashion. Sometimes our feline friends wear scarves and sweaters too.

Below, take a look at some winter-ready kitties whose owners are surely braver than we are.

girl and cat in matching scarves

Photo: Michelle Owner of the Squishy/flickr

cat wearing sweater

Photo: brookpeterson/flickr

tabby cat in sweater

Photo: Alisha Vargas/flickr

cat wearing winter hat

Photo: John Leach/flickr

cat wearing coat

Photo: Eva Marley/flickr

cat wearing blue scarf

Photo: Michelle Owner of the Squishy/flickr

cat in red sweater

Photo: Kenneth Hong/flickr

cat wearing Santa hat

Photo: John Pemble/flirkcr

cat in blue sweater

Photo: Joanna8555/flickr

cat wearing sweater

Photo: Julie Krawczyk/flickr

black cat in scarf

Photo: Cody Wellons

cat wearing red hat

Photo: Julie Krawczyk/flickr

cat in orange scarf

Photo: Beverley Goodwin/flickr

cat in scarf

Photo: Garry Knight/flickr