Cats have a reputation for preferring the comforts of the indoors, with all those laps to snuggle in and sunshine to bask in. The last thing you expect is for a kitty to enjoy being either cold or wet — after all, cats aren't exactly known for loving water.

But as these kitties prove, there's something magical about snow that prompts the urge to play from even the finickiest of felines.

cat looking at falling snowPhoto: Tscherno/flickrcat running through snowPhoto: Tambako The Jaguar/flickrtabby cat in snowPhoto: Tambako The Jaguar/flickr

cat lying down in snowPhoto: Linnéa Gröndalen/flickr

cat with eyes closedPhoto: Charlotte Claeson/flickrcats frolicking in snowPhoto: Inessa Akhmedova/flickr

handsome cat enjoying snowy dayPhoto: Ksenia Raykova/Shutterstockcat walking in snowPhoto: Polda2/flickr

cat licking snowPhoto: Paul Joseph/flickr

orange kitten in snowPhoto: Edward Dalmulder/flickrcat hiding inside snowmanPhoto: gamppart/flickrcat hiding in snowPhoto: gamppart/flickrblack cat in snowPhoto: Rosana Prada/flickr

blue-eyed cat in snowPhoto: Stephen Whitehead/flickrcat rolling in snowPhoto: Immortel/flickrcat with snow in furPhoto: Paul Joseph/flickrcat playing in snowPhoto: Tambako The Jaguar/flickr

cat sniffing airPhoto: Rebecca Siegel/flickr

cat sitting in snowPhoto: karl umbriaco/Shutterstockyellow cat rolling in snowPhoto: Abi Skipp/flickrcat looking at snowy skyPhoto: Luan Anh/flickr