The first ever National Camping With Dogs Day is right around the corner. This fun day is a celebration of being outdoors with our four-legged companions, getting onto the hiking trails, relaxing in front of a campfire, and enjoying the wild side of life.

To help get you excited about this new holiday for dog lovers, we've gathered up 30 awwww-some moments of dogs enjoying campsites around the country. We hope you're inspired to get out and camp next week!

French Alpes anyone? #campingwithdogs @f_brt

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Wake up, we have ground squirrels to catch. #campingwithdogs #littleredtent #SQUIRREL

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I know the fire is barely started but I think it needs to be hot dog time, like, now. #flashbackfriday to #campingwithdogs

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So focused! #campingwithdogs @sonicscrewdriver

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"I is so happy is Friday!" #campingwithdogs @jessicajondle

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Watching the smoke roll in as the sun goes down. #dieseltheadventuredog

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I can't imagine a world without dogs, and I don't want to.

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🎶Every breath you take, every move you make, every bite you take, I'll be watching you 🎶 #campingwithdogs

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Dear Niner, May you always be as warm and happy as you make my heart. Love, Your Human

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Peach Cobbler & Bubbly for Breakfast, I guess everyone wants some 🍑

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#throwbackthursday to special moments spent with my heart dog. #grandcanyon #heartdogforever #campingwithdogs

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The sun woke me up to early, camping is ruff! #campingwithdogs @campingwithdogs @rei @bigagnes_

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Obligatory hammock photo. #GoPro #Hero4Silver

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