The first ever National Camping With Dogs Day is right around the corner. This fun day is a celebration of being outdoors with our four-legged companions, getting onto the hiking trails, relaxing in front of a campfire, and enjoying the wild side of life.

To help get you excited about this new holiday for dog lovers, we've gathered up 30 awwww-some moments of dogs enjoying campsites around the country. We hope you're inspired to get out and camp next week!

French Alpes anyone? #campingwithdogs @f_brt

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Wake up, we have ground squirrels to catch. #campingwithdogs #littleredtent #SQUIRREL

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I know the fire is barely started but I think it needs to be hot dog time, like, now. #flashbackfriday to #campingwithdogs

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So focused! #campingwithdogs @sonicscrewdriver

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"I is so happy is Friday!" #campingwithdogs @jessicajondle

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Watching the smoke roll in as the sun goes down. #dieseltheadventuredog

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I can't imagine a world without dogs, and I don't want to.

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🎶Every breath you take, every move you make, every bite you take, I'll be watching you 🎶 #campingwithdogs

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Dear Niner, May you always be as warm and happy as you make my heart. Love, Your Human

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Peach Cobbler & Bubbly for Breakfast, I guess everyone wants some 🍑

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#throwbackthursday to special moments spent with my heart dog. #grandcanyon #heartdogforever #campingwithdogs

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The sun woke me up to early, camping is ruff! #campingwithdogs @campingwithdogs @rei @bigagnes_

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Obligatory hammock photo. #GoPro #Hero4Silver

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LISTEN UP & TAG A FRIEND! On Saturday 9.5.15 mark it on your calendar! We want everyone who has a dog to go on a hike or go camping with their dog(s) and post about it! We're doing this for one purposes. We want to encourage people to be active with their dog(s). Obviously this is our first time trying this so be patient as we work on ways to make this event better. We welcome your suggestions because after all, this is your brand. We're just here to be a voice! To commemorate the first annual Camping With Dogs Day, we'll have shirts for sale with a % of the proceeds going toward the @pedigreefoundation. [100% of everything donated to The Pedigree Foundation goes to helping shelter dogs find forever homes. Not many foundations can say that. For more information about The Pedigree Foundation, visit the link on their Instagram.] Big thanks to @ValerieJar for the incredible design work! #campingwithdogs

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