Car crashes are the number one killer of America’s teens. An average of eleven teens die every day in car crashes—4,000 teen deaths a year. Allstate is taking a stand to end these senseless deaths by calling on our nation’s leaders to pass national Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) provisions from the Safe Teen and Novice Driver Uniform Protection (STANDUP) Act in the 112th Congress.

About GDL Laws

GDL laws help novice drivers gain on-the-road experience gradually and avoid risky driving conditions.

GDL generally consist of multiple stages beginning with an extended supervised learner phase, typically lasting six months or more that teens must complete prior to their road test. After passing their road tests, young drivers are granted an intermediate license, which forbids or severely restricts unsupervised driving situations known to involve particularly high crash risk, such as driving late at night or driving with non-family passengers. Once young drivers have completed all the requirements of the first two phases without any violations, they are issued full unrestricted licenses. The minimum age for obtaining an unrestricted license varies by state and is usually 17 or 18.

Giving teens this time to gain valuable experience before lifting driving restrictions could mean the difference between life and death.

How do we know? Research suggests that in states that have implemented or enacted the most comprehensive graduated driver licensing laws, teen driving deaths have been reduced by 38 percent.

Show Support and Take Action

A recent national survey from Allstate reveals that nearly six in 10 Americans favor a federal law that establishes minimum requirements for state graduated driver licensing.1

Americans clearly understand how graduated licensing laws help save lives. Now, we need to put our knowledge into action by urging Congress to pass uniform standards that will help every state implement a graduated driver licensing program – and help prevent thousands of senseless deaths on our roads each and every year.

Save11 Facebook LogoAllstate has created the Save11 community on Facebook to bring supporters together and help them take action. Support national GDL laws from the STANDUP Act by filling out a short 2-minute form on Facebook that will e-mail your Congressperson to let them know where you stand. Together, we can help ensure this lifesaving legislation passes Congress!

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Allstate Safe Driving Challenge

Allstate also is helping raise awareness of current driving laws, as well as helping teens and their parents better understand the dangers of distracted driving behaviors, through “Safe Driving Challenges” held in cities across the country.

At these informative and fun events, teams – including one parent and one teen – compete in a closed driving course. After receiving a short demonstration on the course, “behind-the-wheel” training and instructions on how to be a safe driver, the course runs begin.

Each participant first drives the course without distractions. Then, each participant drives the course again with distractions: talking on the phone, texting and rowdy passengers. Each time, the participant has to navigate the course without hitting safety cones and inflatable animals. Watch what happens below.


Visit the Save11 Facebook community to watch videos highlights of “Safe Driving Challenges” from across the country and, while there, voice your support for legislation that will help save teen lives.