By now, you've probably gotten used to having dandelion greens in a salad. Don't tell my kids, but they eat dandelion greens all the time. Whenever I chop up greens to put on a sandwich or for tacos, I use a field mix of greens that includes dandelion leaves. I just call it lettuce. I haven't yet tried drinking dandelion greens, but the first dandelions are starting to pop up in my yard, and I started wondering about all the ways I can use them. Here are five drink recipes for dandelion greens that look worth a try.

  1. Dandelion Berry Smoothie – Get your dandelion greens in at breakfast or any other time of day by blending them with strawberries, blueberries, plain yogurt and a few other healthy ingredients
  2. 75 and Sunny Dandelion Gin Cocktail – This is the only dandelion greens cocktail recipe I was able to hunt down. The link takes you to the recipe on a site where you can buy the book it’s contained in, “Edible Wild Plants for Beginners.” The greens are muddled. You know I love most drinks with gin so I’m intrigued.
  3. Dandelion Greens and Ginger Tea – This hot tea with homemade tea leaves includes a impressive number of nutrients and can help with many health related issues.
  4. Dandelion-Lime Cooler – This non-alcoholic beverage will cool your down on a hot day. A dandelion green and agave syrup is created for this beverage that has my curiosity way up. 
  5. Dandelion Clementine Cooler – A twist on the non-alcoholic cooler above, this one adds muddled Clementine tangerines to the mix.
Do you use dandelion greens in a drink? What’s your recipe?

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