If you're looking for the perfect beverage to compliment your after party screening of the new film "Gravity," you'd be hard-pressed to find something more qualifying than Dogfish Head's new 'Celest-jewel-ale.'

The craft brewery, famous for its unusual concoctions, created the small-batch beer using "lunar meteorites that have been crushed into dust, then steeped like tea in a rich, malty Oktoberfest." Dogfish sourced this rare ingredient from ILC Dover, a company that creates space suits for NASA. The fact that its launching close to the premiere of director Alfonso Cuaron's space-thriller "Gravity" is purely coencidental. The ale house actually dreamed it up to honor September's harvest moon - the moon closest to the fall equinox. 

"These certified moon jewels are made up primarily of minerals and salts," the company says,"helping the yeast-induced fermentation process and lending this traditional German style a subtle but complex earthiness."

If you're interested in sampling some Celest-jewel-ale, you best act fast. It's only sold at the brewery's pub in Reheboth Beach, Delaware - and once it's gone, so too is your opportunity to taste some delicious moon beer. 

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