Did you know that there's such a thing as National Pancake Day? It’s March 4, and it is as good of as an excuse as any to enjoy some delicious pancakes. After all, who doesn't love them? Plus, many of these pancakes are guilt-free, as they use whole grains, are grain-free/gluten-free, or use natural sweeteners. Enjoy! 

Basic pancakes:

Blender Whole Wheat Pancakes: No need for flour here! This recipe blends whole grains with the liquid of the recipe for an easy whole-grain pancake (I make them gluten-, dairy- and egg-free). 

Basic Sourdough Pancakes: I have to say that sourdough is one of my favorite types of pancakes. They have just the right amount of tang to balance the sweet. This recipe is a good basic one. 

Fluffy Whole Grain Pancakes: This recipe has converted many to whole-grain pancakes with ease. The secret? An overnight soak changes the texture of the pancake, making it fluffier and less dense than a normal whole-wheat pancake. 

Easy Quinoa Pancakes (gluten-free): Cooked whole quinoa, almond flour, and protein-rich eggs make the base of these nutritious and hearty pancakes.

Apple pancakes

Photo: Food Renegade


Grain-free Apple Pancakes: These absolutely delightful pancakes are battered and cored apple slices. What a fun way to enjoy some grain-free pancakes! 

Blueberry Lemon Pancakes: Made with sprouted whole-grain flour, this light pancake recipes has lots of delicious flavor! 

5-Ingredient Banana Pancakes: These very simple pancakes only use a couple of whole food ingredients to make nutrient-dense pancakes. 

Flax Seed and Blueberry Pancakes: Want to make a pancake mix healthier? This version does so with the addition of flax seeds and blueberries. 

Lacy Pancake Hearts

Photo: Kimi Harris

Creative variations:

Lacy Pancake Hearts: Sometimes for a special treat, I will make my girls pancakes in the shape of lacy hearts. They love it (although it does take a little practice). 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sourdough Pancakes: These are a fun adaption of fluffy sourdough pancakes. PB&J lovers will especially appreciate this variation! 

Eggnog Pancakes: Speaking of unusual, these pancakes have an eggnog-like flavor for a lovely treat. 

Mexican Polenta Pancakes

Photo: Enrique Gili 

Savory pancakes:

Mexican Polenta Pancakes and Guacamole: Have you ever considered a savory pancake? This unusual version is a cross between a taco and a pancake. 

Buckwheat Crepes: Use these with a fruit filling for a sweet treat, or wrap around savory ingredients like thinly sliced cheese, tomatoes, and arugula for a savory, gluten-free sandwich wrap. 

Savory Bacon, Cheddar and Green Onion Pancakes: This lovely savory pancake recipe gives a protein punch of flavor. 

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