It almost feels like a betrayal to my children to start writing about back-to-school topics. So do me a favor and don’t tell my boys I’m writing about this, okay.

Earlier today, MNN’s family blogger Jenn brought us six eco-savvy products to green our kids’ lunch boxes. The number one feature an eco-savvy product for a lunch box must have is reusability to help make lunch waste-free.

Why are waste-free lunches important? Here are 6 reasons.

  1. Most importantly, they reduce the amount of trash that ends up landfills. According to “the typical child generates 67 pounds of lunchtime trash per year.”
  2. Waste-free lunches can help kids avoid accepting the "throwaway society" mentality.
  3. A child with a waste-free lunch can be an example to the other students and the teachers.
  4. Waste-free lunches usually end up being healthier for kids because they end up eating fewer pre-packaged processed foods.
  5. Waste-free lunches can be money savers for families. Individual pre-packaged snacks are usually more expensive than larger packages that are divided into reusable containers. Waste Free Lunches estimates that a disposable lunch costs $4.02 a day and a waste-free lunch costs $2.65 day. That adds up to an average savings of $246.60 per student each year.
  6. Less trash can be a money saver for school districts because they don’t have to have as much trash hauled away.
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