Remember that meat grown in-vitro that I told you about last spring? The meat is made from stem cells from cows and then grown in a laboratory so it can’t be considered vegetarian or vegan. The environmental impact of this lab-grown meat is much less than the environmental impact of traditional meat, though, and that’s where the interest lies.

Today in London, a hamburger made from the in-vitro meat had its first public taste test. Reporters got to look on as Josh Schonwald, a Chicago food writer, and Hanni Rutzler, an Austrian food researcher, got to sink their teeth into what some people are calling a Frankenburger.

"There is quite some intense flavor," Rutzler said. "The look was quite similar to meat. It has quite a bite."
Richard McGowan, the chef who cooked the burger, said it looked “incredibly appetizing” and gave off a “pleasant aroma.”

Today has some more information about the lab-grown beef.

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It’s estimated that lab-grown beef won’t be commercially available for at least ten more years. If you can imagine that far ahead, do you think you’ll be in line to buy a burger made with meat grown in a laboratory?

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