The good people of Little Green Pouch asked if I’d like to try out their great product, and I was glad to do so. You know the disposable food and drink pouches so popular right now? As nice as they are, they aren’t very eco-friendly, considering that you have to throw them away after every use. One kid could easily go through several plastic pouches in a week, and that’s why I love this eco-friendly version! Plus, kids certainly seem to love sipping and slurping from these little pouches, which can be easily filled with a wide variety of nourishing food purees. 

little Green pouch review


  • These reusable pouches are made with BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free plastic, and are surprisingly durable.
  • They can withstand going through the dishwasher.
  • They are freezable, which is perfect for those who want to make large batches of baby/toddler food and have them on hand.
  • They are suitable for use by a wide range of ages.
  • They cut down on unnecessary trash.
  • You can make whatever nutritious food you want to go into the pouch! You will no longer be stuck with whatever food or drink is sold in a pouch. This is great for those with allergies as well.
  • They can save you money, as the disposable pouches can be quite expensive.
little green pouch review


  • You have to make the food to put into the pouch. While this is an advantage for quality control, you do have to do a little work.
  • You have to spend a little time cleaning out the corners (though this is minimal with a simple cleaning brush).
  • The pouch is still made of plastic. Some may choose glass or stainless steel containers instead.
Little Green Pouches on the table

Ideas for what can go in the pouches:

I’m impressed with this product and am all for anything that cuts down on the plastic we throw away everyday, so I give it a thumbs-up!

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