It’s product review time. I was sent the stainless steel rectangular container with stainless steel lid from Healthy Kitchenware ($15.99) to test out. The container comes with a small container with plastic lid (polypropylene) that can be put inside the larger container or used separately. I tested it out in my son’s lunchbox.

The stainless steel rectangular container is a good option for packing a waste-free lunch and would make a very useful bento box. It is large enough to hold an entire lunch’s worth of food. In fact, it’s too large to hold a single sandwich – it needs more to fill it.

The smaller, round container with the plastic lid passed the applesauce test. I sent it with applesauce with my first grader and it didn’t leak. The lid stayed on tight until lunchtime. That’s important.

Packing a waste-free lunch is an effective way to reduce your impact on the earth. Remember that students can save 67 pounds of waste each school year by going waste-free with their lunches. Adults who pack waste-free lunches for work will save a similar amount of waste from ending up in landfills. These stainless steel containers are a stylish way for adults to do that – they're about as opposite from a Spongebob lunch box as you can get.

Here’s some information about the rectangular container from their website:

  • Fits inside most lunch boxes.
  • Stainless steel does not leach toxins unto your food.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 6.4” (length); 4.92” (width); 2.32" (height)

Healthy Kitchenware offers other waste free lunch container options including a small 3-tier stainless steel lunch carrier, a small (2 1/2" diameter X 1 1/2" depth) stainless steel container that’s ideal for snacks, and a wrap ‘n mat for sandwiches, and several stainless steel water bottles.  

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