I am probably biased because I am a mom food blogger myself, but I really enjoy following a wide variety of mom bloggers. Babble just released its 100 top mom food blog list (I am honored to have my personal food blog on the list. I placed #1 and #4 in two categories!). As I was browsing the many delightful, new-to-me blogs on the list, I thought about why I enjoy mom food blogs so much.

Here are a couple reasons why.

They are practical

One of my favorite non-blog recipe sites is epicurious.com. They have many gourmet and delicious recipes. Some are fast and easy, and some are quite labor-intensive. At times you have to try a recipe to see how practical it is to make on a regular basis.

In contrast, mom blogs tend to post recipes that are practical — practical in that they are family-friendly, not too expensive, and time-efficient. If a recipe is time-consuming or difficult, they will generally make that clear as well, so you are forewarned. The fact is, mothers are busy, and mom blogs cater to them ... naturally. I guess you could say I like mom food blogs because I'm a mom.

They are personal

I love big recipe websites because they are a great resource for searching for pretty much any recipe I need or want. I follow mom blogs because their food is often woven into the ongoing telling of their life stories. I not only get a recipe, but I also learn to know that mom through her stories. That personal side of a mom food blog is appealing to me.

They inspire me

Watching a celebrity chef cook a dish on TV can be inspiring, but that can also seem distant from my life. In contrast, food blogs written by the average mother with a busy life, a typical food budget, and little people constantly under foot are very relatable and inspiring in a different way. If they can stay committed to feeding their family, why can’t I? They are inspiring because they are relatable.

I also follow “non-mom” food blogs and am often inspired in many ways by them as well! I appreciate many of the lovely bloggers out there. 

Do you have any favorite mom food blogs that you follow? 

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