Peace of mind is a powerful thing, and the peace of mind Aflac provides with One Day Pay℠ is worth its weight in gold. What is One Day Pay℠? Well, it's only Aflac's pledge to process and pay, not deny and delay your claim. Having that sense of relief allows one to do just about anything. We can only hope these people had the kind of peace of mind one gets from One Day Pay℠.

1: That time you thought you were an Olympic gymnast.

Balance beam flop

2. That time you totally called for the ball, but Bill from accounts receivable didn’t hear you.

Baseball players collide

3. That time you wanted to help your son finally get his first strike in bowling.

Mom slips, falls on back while bowling

4. That time you thought you could dance on the tables like you used to do in college.

Table dance ends badly

5. That time you were going to NAIL a dunk in front of an adorning crowd.

High school mascot misses dunk

6. That time you were SO EXCITED the pizza delivery man arrived!

Puppy rolls down stairs

As you can see, many of us need One Day Pay℠. It's a good thing Aflac is on the job, ensuring policyholders have peace of mind in case something happens. We can rest assured that Aflac is always ready to process and pay within one day.

To learn more about Aflac's One Day Pay℠ program, please visit

Aflac Duck on a mission