Aflac is committed to treating its employees like family. And the Aflac Career Success Fair is all about helping them recognize and access the paths available for advancing their careers.

“What we want to do is not only have everyone embrace the Aflac culture but understand what’s available to them when it comes to career progression,” said Tony Grace, senior manager of quality assurance.

Rhonda German, documentation coordinator, explained that Aflac’s Career Success Center offers services including resume writing, career coaching, career guidance, mock interviews and more.

“It feels amazing to work for a company that offers their employees an opportunity to explore different options,” said claims specialist Nikita Ferebee.

Retaining and growing employees through a career development program is critical to Aflac’s success.

Teresa White, president of Aflac U.S., said, “We want to build leaders in the organization, we want to build productive employees in the organization, and the Career Success Center gives us the opportunity to do that.”

Aflac also offers more than 19 need-based courses for professional, technical and administrative employees, allowing employees to chart their paths for self-development and growth.