The Children's Circle of Care celebration is a carnival for kids — but not just any kids. The youngsters tossing bean bags, having their faces painted and doing crafts are patients at the Aflac Cancer Center at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, though the idea of the carnival is to help them forget that fact for a day.

"The whole purpose, really, for the patients is to make life just a little bit normal," said Diane Vaughan, senior development officer at the Aflac Cancer Center.

Each month more than 16,000 Aflac agents contribute more than $500,000 from their commission checks to the Aflac Cancer Center in Atlanta, where important research and treatment takes place. But some agents go even further, becoming Circle of Care members.

The Children's Circle of Care is a national program for individuals, couples and family foundations who give $10,000 or more to a participating children's hospital in a single year. It was established in 1995 to encourage private investment in pediatric medicine and recognize leading benefactors for the critical role they play in advancing children’s health.

Said one Aflac employee who is a Circle of Care member, "Being part of Circle of Care…just captures my heart."

CCC members have contributed more than $5.2 billion to the participating children’s hospitals since the program began — money that has been available immediately to advance patient care, teaching, research and advocacy.

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