Aflac and Palmetto Health Children's Hospital recently honored two Duckprints awardees in South Carolina for their help in fighting childhood cancer. Linda Wells, a former pediatric oncology/hematology nurse at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital, co-founded CAMP KEMO 36 years ago, a camp for children battling cancer. The idea was to give the kids one week to forget about their battles and have fun.

“I love CAMP KEMO. It’s one of my favorite things of the year, and the reason is I get to see the kids being kids,” says Dr. Ronnie Neuberg, Aflac Medical Director, Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital.

Airport High School in Columbia, South Carolina was also honored thanks to its annual charity drive among students, faculty, staff and alumni, helping to contribute more than $300,000 over 11 years to CAMP KEMO Programs of Palmetto Health Children's Hospital.

“CAMP KEMO and charity drive is something that is at the fabric of Airport High School,” Dr. Dixon Brooks, Airport High School principal says. “We’re all impacted by cancer, but when it strikes children it really is even more of a sad situation. Nothing gives us more joy than to be able to see the kids go to CAMP KEMO and spend a week as if they don’t have cancer.”

Aflac’s Duckprints campaign has one simple mission: eradicate childhood cancer. The Duckprints Awards are given to those who help fight this terrible disease. For more information, please visit