Food items:

• Root beer taste test: How do all natural sodas stack up to the traditional standard? 


• Organic trail mix: Try Navitas Naturals' Trail Power mixes for goji berries and cacao nibs.

• Chocolada Walnut bar: Simple, healthy ingredients in convenient to-go pack.

• Organic ice creams: Chocolate ice creams were compared to our blogger's old-time standard: Breyer's.

• Cheddar cheese crackers: Moms and kids rate a variety of natural, organic brands.

Oreo-wannabes: Food blogger Robin Shreeves taste tests healthier version of the classic chocolate sandwich cookie.

• Organic baby formula: Breast is best, but what if that's not workable? 

And for a little later on: Yummy Spoonfuls gets the thumbs up from 12 moms and their babies.

Hot and spicy: Which fair trade chocolate tastes the best? 

Hot cocoa: Kids help taste test organic hot cocoa.

Energy bars: These simple organic bars include only a handful of ingredients. 

Creamy vegan ice cream: What happens when you take sugar, soy and gluten out of the equation?

Bonterra Vineyards: Can the words good, reasonably priced and organic refer to a wine?

Personal grooming:

• Lip balm: Organic and fair trade products for your lips. 


Eco-shampoos: Eight shampoos without chemicals are tested for their ability to create a sexy mane.

Eye creams: Our blogger rates three eco-friendly brands.

Products for the home: 

• Mirror, mirror: Check out these mirrors with eco-friendly frames.

• Toilet paper: This is a sensitive topic. 

• Stainless-steel container: This isn't your kid's SpongeBob lunchbox.

• Sun grilling: The sun oven harnesses sunshine to make your barbecuing as green as possible.

• Picture frames: These are good enough to frame the first pooch. 

• Charcoal grills: These lower-impact charcoals are worth investigating.

• Kitty litter: A green litter that works!

• Dryer sheets: Get the dirt on these ever-present sheets, and what other options you have.

Photo: silverjohn/iStockphoto