Hostess is going out of business, striking fear into many hearts about a Twinkie-less future. I am sure that we can survive without these preservative-laden, sugary sweets, but if the craving hits, now is a good time to turn to homemade versions. I list two version below: a recipe using typical ingredients that will more closely resemble the original, and a second healthier recipe that is gluten- and dairy-free.


By the way, if you want to make Twinkies, you will need to buy a Twinkie pan. But you can make the Hostess Cupcakes or Sno-Ball Cupcakes with basic kitchen supplies. Amazon sells a "Cream Canoe Pan" that will work well.


Homemade Twinkies: This recipe doesn’t try to be healthy, but it's rather similar to the original and is filled with fluffy, seven-minute frosting.


Healthy Twinkies: This dairy-free, gluten-free and grain-free version uses healthier ingredients and is suitable for those on restricted diets too.


Homemade Hostess Cupcakes: Here is a homemade version for Hostess Cupcakes, sans preservatives.


Healthy Hostess Cupcakes: This recipe remakes the cupcakes to include maple syrup, quinoa flour, coconut butter and other more healthy ingredients. They look the same, are sweet to taste — and delicious too.


Homemade Sno-Ball Cupcakes: Covered with fluffy frosting and pink coconut flakes.


Healthy Version: I couldn't find a specific recipe for healthier version of the Sno-Ball, however it would be easy to use the recipe for the Hostess cupcakes and adapt it to use for the Sno-Ball Cupcakes!


Did anyone out there grow up enjoying these sweet treats?


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