New year, new goals (or perhaps you have some recycled goals from previous years?) Maybe technology can help. The idea behind is that you'll see real results after committing yourself to doing something for 100 days. You check in at the site, and make a short video (you can upload it from your phone or record from your computer). That action will keep you busy through March if you start now— and why not start now? 

American society is (famously) all about the quick fix, but more and more of us are realizing that real accomplishments take time, patience, practice and effort. And most of all, perseverance. is all about fostering those qualities in ourselves. And seeing all these other people doing what they have set their mind to every time you log in? That's just free inspiration (or butt-kicking)! 

People are using the site for all the things you would assume they would: for practicing musical instruments, exercising (see the heartwarming video below for inspiration on that front), improving flexibility, learning a language or improving their drawing or comic-creation skills. But not everyone is so serious. Some of the goals are silly or fun: Rene is going to record her daughter's facial expressions as she tries new foods; Ra is going to drink something different, and Denise is getting some breathing room (decluttering her house). 

I've signed up to work on my book project every day for the next 100. What will you make a real commitment to?

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