Which Cities Are the Smartest?

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Plenty of cities soar, but these urban centers rise above the rest when it comes to education, technology and more. See if you can identify the high fliers.

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Mensa logo
Photo: Mensa International /Wikimedia Commons
Which city has the most MENSA members?

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Benjamin Franklin was born in which city?

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Which city has the largest share of the world's patents?

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Which large metro area has the highest percentage of college grads (ages 25 and over)?

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smart headquarters in atlanta.
Photo: Mercedes-Benz
In which city is smart-USA's headquarters located?

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Which city is home to the Brookings Institution, one of the most highly regarded think tanks in the U.S.?

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Deep Blue, IBM's chess-playing computer, began as a project at which university?

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Downtown Raleigh
Photo: Mark Turner/Wikimedia Commons
Research Triangle, home to numerous high-tech companies and enterprises, includes which city?

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Which city is considered the optics capital of the world?

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Mayo Clinic
Photo: Sabine.ritzinger/Wikimedia Commons
Which city is home to the Mayo Clinic, one of the foremost research hospitals in the world?

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3M, considered one of the top 100 global innovators by Reuters, is based in a suburb of which city?

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