Long before it became front-page news, Mercedes-Benz made a promise to drive changes in technology for the good of all. This commitment is about much more than automobiles. It’s about people and culture, and the world we share.

It's a promise that's been kept for generations, and not just with cleaner, more efficient power under the hood. It starts well before a Mercedes-Benz travels its first mile, and extends beyond the car’s long and reliable lifespan. And like every aspect of Mercedes-Benz innovation, it sets the stage for the mobility – and the world – everyone will enjoy tomorrow.

Mercedes-Benz has long known that true respect for the planet involves taking a giant leaps forward in reducing carbon footprint and miles per gallon, but it doesn’t stop there. A new generation of green automotive technology is sweeping through the company. But Mercedes-Benz doesn’t just think green, it innovates for the future:

Improving internal combustion

Technology has come a long way since Mercedes-Benz introduced the original diesel engine more than 75 years ago. The company has gone from developing the world's first diesel engine to one of the world's cleanest with BlueTEC. And it's not just cleaner diesel. BlueEFFICIENCY delivers stronger performance from less fuel with fewer emissions in gasoline engines.

Hybrid vehicles

Mercedes-Benz recently cracked the code on a super-small lithium ion battery for hybrid vehicles – a break-through two decades and 25 patents in the making – that’s taking Mercedes-Benz to a new level of green sustainability.

Fuel cell vehicles

With water being the only emission, fuel cells are truly clean technology. Nearly 20 years ago, Mercedes-Benz created its first fuel-cell vehicle, making the vision of emission-free driving and sustainable mobility a reality.

Driving green

Buying green is a good step to reducing the environmental impacts of automobile use. But how you drive, and how well you maintain your vehicle, also makes a difference. That’s why Mercedes-Benz is committed to helping everyone drive a cleaner tomorrow.

Whether sharing safety innovations with the industry, researching new fuels, creating eco-friendly vehicles or educating drivers, Mercedes-Benz has a deep commitment for well-being of our planet.

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