Earlier this year, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker was told from very sobering news from his physician. 


“I went to the doctor and found that I had eight ulcers in my stomach, and then I found that I had a condition from it, from excessive smoking," he told Music Radar. "I [also] had pre-cancerous cells in my throat. Right there, that was a game changer.”


Barker says he immediately quit everything and felt instantly better. 


“I feel 100%, whereas before I’d think, ‘I feel good but last night I went hard.’ It’s a lot more consistent. You don’t really have good and bad days, you don’t wake up blaming something on a hangover, or you did this too much or that too much. It was a good, positive change. I definitely feel better than years ago when I was smoking heaps of weed and drinking.”


While Barker says that his new diet is vegan, he does have some slip-ups while on the road. 


"I juice a lot, I get as much protein as I can because being a vegan there isn't much protein. But that's pretty much it. I just drink lots of water, too. I'll have a protein shake as well every morning. Once in a while I'll slip and get off my vegan diet and have egg whites in the morning, that's a good source of protein while I'm out on the road. If I can feel my body starting to tire those are good to keep you healthy."


That bit about being a vegan and not having access to quality protein is misleading. There are plenty of vegetables - from quinoa to soybeans - that can easily fulfill protein requirements. 


Regardless, I'm happy that Barker has found something that works for him. He adds: "Some people don't get that wake-up call, they just go straight to the bad news, so it's a second chance."


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