The box may become the unsung revolutionary tool that transforms life for great numbers of the world’s population. It is called Slingshot, a vapor compression water purification machine produced by genius inventor Dean Kamen, the man best known as creator of the Segway transporter. Slingshot can produce roughly 30 liters of water an hour using no more energy than required by a standard handheld hair dryer.

Tackling a Seemingly Insurmountable Global Issue

Kamen has been developing this technology for more than a decade. The name Slingshot refers to a weapon for defeating a Goliath of a problem. He showed it off on 60 Minutes in 2003. In 2008 he appeared on The Colbert Report, operating a Slingshot on the air and drinking its product.

But this fall, Kamen began the process that may at last get Slingshot machines into the remote villages of the world where it is most needed.

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