swine flu scare in Spain


What you need to know about swine flu: 


• Another reason to give thanks: Protection for Americans from swine flu might not be complete until Thanksgiving.


• CDC weighs in: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts numb


• Dire predictions: WHO predicts an "explosion" of cases, especially in developing countries.


• Swine flu switcheroo: Scientists now say school-age children and their parents should get vaccinated to prevent flu's spread.


• Enough vaccine? A logjam at the factory will mean less flu shots available in October.


• Schools closed: Mumbai closes schools and movie theaters over virus fears.


Military cases: Cases of swine flu climb among U.S. soldiers in Iraq.


• Head of state: Costa Rican president contracts swine flu.


• Schools: CDC advises school administrators to stay calm and keep the school doors open.


• Death toll: WHO says swine flu death toll has surpassed 1,100.


• Who needs shots? Pregnant women, health workers and small children should be at the front of the line for H1N1 vaccinations.


 Fear factor: Timely new book called Dread exposes the fear and fantasy that fuel epidemics. 


• Pork panic: The CDC says it's safe to eat pork, but there is a "global hesitation" to eat it. 


• Passive surveillance: The U.S. is prepared for a pandemic, but government officials say they will continue on this path for now.


Ground zero? Hundreds of residents living near a huge hog farm in Mexico say the flu began there in February.


• Travel advisories: Business travelers should consider postponing all non-essential travel. (April 27)


Border monitoring: The U.S. is screening for swine flu exposure along its borders, according to the CDC.


Are your kids safe? What parents need to know.


Getting information: CDC uses Twitter to quickly share information with the public.


• Quarantine and pork ban: Nations report suspected cases, plan quarantines, tighten rules on pork imports and test passengers.


• The causes: Is the epidemic linked to water pollution from a Smithfield Foods hog operation in Perote, Mexico?


• The pork connection: Can you get swine flu from eating pork? The CDC answers this and other frequently asked questions.


• Death toll: Deaths in Mexico signal the possibility of a global epidemic.


Photo: ZUMA Press