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10 Superfund sites: Where are they now?

By: Bryan Nelson on March 28, 2013, 4:41 p.m.
Murray Smelter Superfund site

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Edgar Zuniga Jr./Flickr

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Murray Smelter, Utah

The Murray Smelter site in Salt Lake County, Utah, is a real Superfund success story. Formerly the site of a huge lead smelter operated by ASARCO from 1872 until 1949, the land has been reclaimed as commercial territory and is currently home to a Costco (inset photo).

The site had a long road to recovery. Murray Smelter was responsible for widespread lead and arsenic contamination of the region's soil, groundwater and surface water. EPA started investigating in 1995, and gave the site its highest overall hazard ranking score. Today, the EPA has deemed the cleanup to be complete, and the site is consistent with all land revitalization goals.