Here are some noteworthy environmental links folks are Digging:

The Daily Mail: "Orphan baby elephants saved as slaughter by poachers rises"

— A Kenyan elephant orphanage has seen a boom of incoming calves, all of which lost their parents to poaching. The orphanage's managers blame legal ivory auctions, which they say spike demand for the creatures' tusks. 

New Scientist: "Top 11 compounds in US drinking water"

New Scientist lists, and gives context for, the most common pharmaceutical compounds found in American drinking water, from Atenolol to Trimethoprim.

• BBC News: "Venomous mammal caught on camera"

— Researchers caught this 25-second video of a rare venomous mammal, the Hispaniolan solenodon, which lives only in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. While fossils indicate some ancient mammals were venomous, the solenodon's specialized, venom-delivering teeth make it "one of the most evolutionary distinct mammals in the world," according to one scientist.

The Daily Mail: "Unmanned stealth bomber could have been UFO responsible for destroying wind turbine"

— The wind turbines that were recently damaged in the U.K. — corresponding with several UFO sightings — could have been the victims of an unmanned stealth bomber's test flight. Witnesses reported a ball of lights with tentacles, then a loud boom around 4 a.m., presumably when something smashed into the turbines.

• Wikimedia Commons [photo]: Fractal broccoli

— This photo by John Sullivan, originally from, shows a Romanesco broccoli in the shape of a fractal.

Russell McLendon

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