You can't surf the Web these days without tripping over some new revelation about Chelsea Clinton's hush-hush wedding plans. Wrong, wild, or probable, almost nothing reported has been confirmed — with conjecture ruling supreme.

But deducing some of the greener details of this celebrity-soaked wedding is part of the fun — and I'm happy to have anything at all to talk about in the first place.

We already know that Ms. Clinton's menu is more leafy green than your standard affair — owing to her vegan diet and healthy joie de vivre. There's also the whole thing about the "beef option" that has caused some to grumble. All I can say is, at least she went with beef that's organic and grass-fed.

So what else it out there percolating?

Well, rumors are that the all-important rehearsal dinner on the eve of the wedding will take place at Grasmere Farm — a private, 525-acre spread that includes two "magnificent Edwardian" 300-year-old stone barns. As the barns do not feature any restroom facilities, I'm thinking this is where those reported $15,000 luxury porta-potties are going to come into play.

Rent for the use of this natural setting is rumored to cost some $250,000.

Regarding party favors, The Daily Beast is whispering that each guest will receive a Rhinebeck Farmers’ Market paper calendar and an orange tote bag with woodcut honeybee prints. If true, you've got to love the simplicity of such a gift — especially for a wedding estimated to cost from $2-$3 million. Party favors, unless they're trees, don't get much greener than that.

No word yet on the honeymoon plans — but here's hoping that it's someplace in theme with the rest of this event. Stay tuned.

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