If Jessica Simpson's tweets are any indication, the former "Real Girls Eat Meat" gal, may be embracing the other side.

The reality star/performer took to Twitter over the weekend to gush about her new health regimen; which includes a vegan diet, "cupping" and "special Pu-erh tea from China". All of this comes compliments of her personal healer Master Wang — who seems to be promoting a program called "Total Vitality". He also owns a healing center in San Francisco and sells tea online.

OK, but first let's start with "cupping". Said Simpson over Twitter yesterday, "Has anyone ever tried cupping? When u know you are doing something good for ur body the meditation creates intense visions. Love it!"

Allow me to interpret: Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice very similar to acupuncture, except that instead of a needle, a kind of suction cup is placed against the skin. Depending on its location, the suction supposedly helps alleviate certain ailments, improve circulation, etc.

With regards to the visions — well, who knows. People who embrace a vegan diet and take other steps to improve their well-being have reported a boost in energy and a "sense of balance". As Simpson tweeted earlier, "This might be too clean!" — and indeed, her body is probably not used to such a radical shift in diet.

But good for her for trying something greener — and promoting it to her more than 2 million twitter followers, too. Of course, it kind of makes you wonder what arrangement her and "Master Wang" had in promoting his business. Clearly, he's getting a boost of publicity for his tea biz and healing center, but such trades in the celebrity world aren't uncommon.

With anything, do your homework before jumping onboard a celebrity endorsement — especially when you notice that some of Wang's teas cost a staggering $800-$1,500. Hell, for that amount, I'd expect life-changing visions, too! 

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